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Good morning, Happy Tuesday!

I am still reeling from the excitement of the beta play all weekend. I absolutely cannot wait until the game is finished and released. I hit the big 70 overnight, Thank you again, only 30 to go! So we played the final day of the beta for "Undisputed" and there are so many differences in opinion. Most seem to be positive, others think the game is no where near ready to be released. A beta is just that a test to determine what is working, what is not, what needs to be improved, what needs to be changed. It's by no means a finished project. People are also playing on different equipment. Some high end, some budget and some just making the cut to play. There are so many variances. However everyone is entitled to an opinion, and just like a ^&&*()_(*& yes, everybody has one. I am still hyped about this game and the many others on the horizon. I will continue to play and follow the beta's and improvements until the finish product is released. Continue to express your opinions, likes and dislikes it helps to improve the game. I am still one happy camper, that one day in the near future, it won't be beta play, it will be a much more improved, finished product. Thank you, Steel City Interactive for ALL your hard work to bring us a something we all will be proud of. You know I My comment from one of the developers!

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